Paint Application and Paint Strip Booth Facilities

Starting with bare dirt, Pauli Systems designed, manufactured and erected this complete US Naval Helicopter paint strip and paint application booth facility at Mayport Naval Station, Florida

Blast Rooms:
Rugged, reliable, and revolutionary, Pauli Systems RAM (Recliamable Abrasive Machine) Blast Rooms are specifically designed to efficiently blast, recover and reclaim plastic and starch media and provide outstanding performance with conventional abrasive media.

Paint Application Booths:
Pauli Systems paint booths can include fully integrated motor control centers. No longer is it necessary to run outside to turn on air compressors and air dryers, then move to another area to turn on breathing air systems, then yet another to... well, you get the idea. Pauli Systems paint booths are designed for maximum operator efficiency.

Pauli Systems can do it all, from structural and process designs, through engineering, manufacturing, erection and Operator training. With us, there is one telephone number to call, without any finger pointing at “the other guy.”

Paint Booth Detail Stripped Helicopter in the Blast Booth Viewed from the Control Room Storage Hoppers Hopper Going into Dense Particle Separator
View of the Blast Room through
the front door
Stripped Helicopter in the
Blast Booth Viewed from the
Control Room
Dust Collectors Dense Particle

US Army Depot