Abrasive Blasting Equipment

Pauli Systems is the innovation leader in abrasive blasting equipment. RAM Abrasive Blasting Equipment (short for Reclaimable Abrasive Machine) is the Pauli Systems line of abrasive blast equipment which incorporates propritary technology developed as part of a close working relationship with some of the most demanding abrasive blasting equipment users worldwide.

Types of Abrasive Blasting Equipment

Abrasive blasting equipment comes in four types / configurations:

Abrasive Blasting Cabinets - self contained cabinets designed and engineered to remove paint and contaminants from components with high presure blast media. Abrasive Blast Cabinet
Portable Blasting Systems - portable abrasive blasting equipment that can simultaneously or non-simultaneously collect dust and media after blasting items of any size.
Abrasive Blasting Rooms - rugged enclosures designed to efficiently blast, recover and reclaim blast media
Custom Blasting Facilities - When large items need be abrasive blasted, frequently a custom blasting facility is the most economical and productive solution.

Custom Abrasive Blasting Equipment vs Standard Abrasive Blasting Equipment

Custom Abrasive Blast Facility

Pauli Systems manufactures abrasive blasting equipment that is available in a wide variety of standard configurations to support varied work environments and customer needs. In addition, users requiring highly customized surface finishing systems have long looked to Pauli Systems for customized equipment, installations, and fascilities; which has made Pauli Systems the vendor of choice for some of the most demanding abrasive blast users worldwide.

Custom Abrasive Blasting Systems

When Lockheed-Martin needed abrasive blasting equipment for the Hellenic Aerospace Industry (HAI) facility in Greece, Pauli Systems was selected to develop one of the world’s most modern plastic media blasting facilities in the world. When the US Navy needed abrasive blasting equipment and a paint booth under one roof at Mayport Naval Station, Pauli Systems was selected to erect this complete helicopter paint strip and paint booth facility. And when the American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) required an abrasive blasting cabinet to comply with stringent requirements, Pauli Systems developed a cabinet that not only exceeded requirements, but also removed coatings using 1/8 to 1/5 the air pressure required by suction machines. The most demanding abrasive blasting equipment users trust Pauli Systems.

How Does Abrasive Blasting Equipment Work?

Abrasive blasting equipment uses blast media propelled by compressed air to remove paint and contaminants from surfaces. The size, operation and form factor of the actual blasting system is largely tied to the size of the target items and the portability requirements.

Why Use Abrasive Blasting Equipment?

The dry stripping method of removing surface coatings completely eliminates the hazards of chemical use, the associated costly clean-up and the known dangers to mankind and environment. In addition to safety concerns, which prompted a ban on the use of chemical stripping in the aircraft depainting industry in 1998, there are numerous practical advantages as well.

What Is Abrasive Blasting Media?

Abrasive blasting media is the material propelled by blasting equipment to remove surface coatings. Historically, sand was the media of choice (hence the ubiquitous use of sandblasting terminology) however research has indicated that health concerns warrant the discontinuation of sand as an abrasive media. Blast media in use today and supported by Pauli Systems equipment include:
· Plastic Media Blast (PMB)
· Starch Media Blast
· Ceramic
· Shot (Shot Peening)
· Agricultural Media
· Steel Shot and Grit
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Abrasive Blasting Equipment Innovations By Pauli Systems

Some Pauli Systems innovations that have advanced abrasive blasting equipment and the surface depainting / surface finishing industry include:

· The patented Pauli Systems FanBlast™ Nozzle – an innovation which can double productivity;
· The Pauli Systems Dense Particle Separator which is the only device in the abrasive blasting industry that effectively separates blast media from unwanted damaging foreign material;
· The Pauli Systems Pressure Vessel which is the only blast generator in the industry with a fluidized lower section that guarantees smooth even media flow;
· The Pauli Systems RAM 35-ACGIH which is the only abrasive blasting cabinet in the industry that complies with the stringent ACGIH section 10.80, figure VS-80-2 requirements and California South Coast Air Quality Management District rule 1401. This ensures both operator and environmentally safe operation, coupled with an industry low operating noise level 80DbA.

Pauli Systems Accu-Flow media mass flow valve, the only flow valve in the industry accurate to 0.2%.