Replacement Parts

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Pauli Systems maintains a large inventory of parts to keep your installations and equipment up and running. For customer service and/or to order high quality replacement parts, please call 1-800-370-1115 ext. 200 or email

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    Suction Gun Assembly
(PDF, 103KB)
    Air Valve
(PDF, 116KB)
    Exhaust Valve
(PDF, 51KB)
    Grit Valve
(PDF, 114KB)
    M-15 Abrasive Metering Valve
(PDF, 116KB)
    M-70 Metering Valve
(PDF, 102KB)
    PolyAirCable Control Line and Fittings
(PDF, 111KB)
    Pop-Up Assembly
(PDF, 128KB)
    Remote Control Exhaust Valve
(PDF, 105KB)
    Remote Control Inlet Valves
(PDF, 97KB)
    Small Vacuum Head Assembly
(PDF, 88KB)

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