Portable Closed System Dust Free Vacuum Return Systems

Portable Closed System Blast SystemsSimultaneously vacuums while blasting so dust and media don’t fall on the ground.

Model Operation Overall Dimensions (l x w x h)
RAM45 Combines the benefits of direct pressure dry stripping with automatic vacuum recovery, cleaning and recycling of the media.  RAM 45: 68” x 36” x 86”
(173 cm x 91 cm x 218 cm)
RAM 45E: 88” x 36” x 86”
(224 cm x 91 cm x 218 cm)
RAM21-VR  Same as RAM 21 except it has a dust collector to make it a Portable Closed Cycle Blast System for simultaneous blasting and vacuuming of dust.  100” x 48” x 161”
(254 cm x 122 cm x 409 cm)
Note: Less wheels and carriage reduces height by 16” (41 cm).
Note: Optional muffler adds 36” (91 cm) to overall height.
VR2  Compact, portable, and completely self-contained abrasive blast cleaning system.  35" x 19" x 34-1/2"
(889 mm x 483 mm x 876 mm)


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